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Beautiful Spangle Gamecock Wins Viewers Choice Award

Posted by admin on March 29, 2008

Talk about a good looking rooster!!!

This beautiful Spangle Gamecock owned by EagleEye has won the “Viewers Choice” award over at the gamefowl online photo show.

Spangle Rooster

Definition of a Spangle: As described by the Game Fowl Facts Gamefowl wiki:

Whenever fowl have a substantial percentage of feathers that are tipped with white, they are referred to as spangled. Usually, the white tips will not only be on feathers of the body, but also in hackle and saddle feathers. The base color of spangled fowl is usually red.

Often fowl of splashed, mottled or pile colors are mistaken as spangled. These other color patterns have a number of feathers that are entirely white, while a true spangled cock or hen has white tips on black, brown, or red feathers.

Congrats EagleEye


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