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Live Video Feed Promises To Dispel Myths About Gamefowl and Cockfighting

Posted by admin on April 3, 2008

From Darren U. Talissen’s Blog

For months now has planned an unprecedented effort to dispel many of the myths surrounding gamefowl, cockfighting, and gamefowl enthusiasts. Not unlike many previous efforts at promotion of gamefowl, this effort has already faced it’s share of doubters. Of course, I would be claiming psychic abilities if I were to pretend that I can predict every facet of the outcome of this project. I do, however, believe that this project will serve the poultry community in many ways, perhaps while simultaneously discrediting many of the myths that have been brought into light by the Animal Rights movement.

This gamefowl live video feed project promises to provide around-the-clock live video feeds of the entire first year of the lives of a number of gamefowl. Several webcams will capture the activity beginning with the placement of eggs in an incubator, and ending a year later when those eggs have become mature gamefowl. This monumental task will result in countless hours of footage, all to be kept on DVD as documentation of every action made by the subject fowl.

The first twenty-one days of the project, admittedly will be as entertaining as watching paint dry, but this footage will also serve two purposes. The first purpose will be verification that the eggs placed in the incubator will be the same eggs that hatch into gamefowl. The second will be educational in nature. This video feed could serve to educate people all over the world, from kindergarten classes, to beginning poultry enthusiasts in regards to incubation. I can certainly envision 25 first graders sitting around the classroom computer with wonder in their eyes as they watch the chicks emerge from the eggs and take their first steps into the world.

Next, the video will show these chicks as they grow in the brooder. Viewers worldwide will be able to observe the daily activity of these chicks as they interact with their miniature world inside the brooder. We will be able to see the thermometer and make observations regarding the behavior of the chicks as they seek warmth, or as they move away from the heat, this could become priceless to a beginner who is unsure of optimum temperatures as the chicks mature. We will be able to make notations of which chicks spend more time at the feeder, and compare that information to the growth rate and overall health of the chicks. We will also see the inevitable pecking order as it is first established in front of the feeder, and how it carries out through the duration of the project. It will certainly be interesting to learn if the chick who is at the top of the pecking order remains at the top as the chicks mature into young stags and pullets.

Webcams will show feed sacks as they are opened, and the feed dispensed into the feeder. Closeups will be shown of the feed label, and this will serve to dispel the myth that gamefowl enthusiasts feed our fowl a special diet to make them more aggressive. The aggressive behavior will certainly surface, however the fowl will never leave the camera’s watchful eye, proving that special drugs are not administered to create fighting machines. These chicks will not receive any medication other than wormer or antibiotics, and specifics regarding the types used will be presented so that beginners may learn, and those who have been misled may be enlightened.

Inevitably, the scene will become violent and bloody as the young males begin to become aggressive. They will be separated when this behavior warrants such, however, we will not be able to foresee the exact day that this happens, therefore the scenes on that particular day may not be for the faint of heart, before the caretaker of the fowl notices the situation. Of course this will enlighten many, as these young fowl who have been raised as brothers their entire lives now seek the death of his former friends. Since these young fowl have spent their entire lives in front of a camera, this will prove that no special training was used, and no drugs administered. These young warriors will be simply following their instincts, and following their destiny that was predetermined from the moment that the egg was laid. Surely no viewer will be able to deny what his own eyes have shown him as these half grown roosters begin to fight, and show no signs of quitting.

The opponents of cockfighting and gamefowl have long said that game-fowl, if not given training or special drugs, will behave just as other poultry in regards to aggression. Most poultry will fight for a minute, or perhaps two, until the weaker, or less valorous, individual accepts defeat and runs away. Game fowl, on the other hand will only behave this way for the first few months of their lives. At some point before the year has ended, the gameness that God provided them with will take charge, and these individuals will forget about pecking order, and seek the destruction of every other male in the group. Our fraternity will have video evidence to serve as proof of such, thanks to this project.

Of course, in spite of the video evidence, the leaders of the animal rights movement will deny what is obvious, or more likely ignore the existence of this video footage. The architects of this project make no claim otherwise, as they are aware that many or our opponents refuse to admit error, as such admission would certainly blemish their credibility as well as their bank accounts. I do, however, believe that many individuals will believe their own eyes and accept the truth for what it is. Perhaps this could serve to, in some small way, prove the dishonesty of our opponents, as well as change the perception of many in regards to the fowl that we love.

I certainly hope that once this project is complete, a full set of DVD footage will be supplied to Congress along with transcripts of testimony given by animal rights leaders, as proof of the perjury that has been committed. Perhaps this could serve as a step in the right direction for game fowl enthusiasts, as our lawmakers realize that they have passed new legislation based upon dishonest testimony. Perhaps this could become evidence used as cockers across the nation file lawsuits against the HSUS, PETA, SPCA and similar organizations for libel. The possibilities of the benefits brought about by this project are seemingly endless if we look for them, instead of looking for excuses.

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Beautiful Spangle Gamecock Wins Viewers Choice Award

Posted by admin on March 29, 2008

Talk about a good looking rooster!!!

This beautiful Spangle Gamecock owned by EagleEye has won the “Viewers Choice” award over at the gamefowl online photo show.

Spangle Rooster

Definition of a Spangle: As described by the Game Fowl Facts Gamefowl wiki:

Whenever fowl have a substantial percentage of feathers that are tipped with white, they are referred to as spangled. Usually, the white tips will not only be on feathers of the body, but also in hackle and saddle feathers. The base color of spangled fowl is usually red.

Often fowl of splashed, mottled or pile colors are mistaken as spangled. These other color patterns have a number of feathers that are entirely white, while a true spangled cock or hen has white tips on black, brown, or red feathers.

Congrats EagleEye

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Discount Web Design & Advertising For Gamefowl, Poultry & Animal Related Sites

Posted by admin on March 21, 2008

The internet poultry giant game fowl facts has launched a monster advertising campaign for your gamefowl, poultry, hunting or animal related site. Find out more about advertising your web site. Not only have they launched this brand new way of advertising they now offer web site design and hosting at an extremely low price.

If you own any kind of animal related, gamefowl or poultry site or would like to have one built for you and put on the word wide web then find out more at the links above.

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Gamefowl photo show February Winners Announced

Posted by admin on March 4, 2008

The online game photo fowl show has announced its winners for the month of Febrary 2008 and a brand new show has begun for the month of March. The game fowl photos where awesome. You can view the gamefowl show winners or the archived game fowl photos for all of the entries by choosing any of the above links.

If your enterested in getting involved with this great contest just go this link: Gamefowl photo contests.

I would also like to remind all of my readers about the largest informative gamefowl website on the web. The game fowl facts site has everything from a photo gallery to game fowl message forums, news and chat. It also host the only 100% free to sell anything game fowl auction on the web. The auction is not limited to only game fowl or gamefowl items. Persons can sell any kind of poultry or livestock. You can even sell household items, farm animal, music etc.

If your looking for debate then check out the animal rights debate forums too!

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Gamefowl and Poultry Breeders Handbook

Posted by admin on January 30, 2008

I found this game fowl and poultry handbook and felt the need to post it here for my readers.


When it comes to Game Fowl health and nutrition follow the guides below for best results.


The feed which chickens eat is made up of water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Each nutrient serves a special need. What we feed supplies the building material for the development of bone, flesh, feathers and eggs. When nutrients are properly formulated and balanced will produce fowl that produce in the manner they were designed, provide eggs for market, table or incubation, and develop a healthy meaty fowl. Each nutrient provides a solitary source, but is not complete, yet when gathered and combined provides the proper balance and energy that a fowl needs.

One of the most important, yet often overlooked nutrients, is water. A young chick needs a constant supply of fresh water to stay healthy. It doesn’t drink a lot of water at one time; therefore, it has to drink often. A fowl’s intake of daily water will depend upon availability and weather conditions. Desiring less in winter and more in hot summer months. Placement of water containers is essential, making easy access to old and young alike. Water also can be a source of bacteria, if not cleaned on a regular basis and therefore should be changed frequently depending upon weather, consumption and exposure. Stagnant or long term standing water can be a host and breeding ground for insects that carry disease to poultry.
Water carries waste products out of the body, helps cool the bird by evaporation, softens feed and carries it through the digestive tract. Water should always be available and fresh. During hot summer month’s water containers should be kept in cool shady areas and not allowed to become stagnant or develop algae build up. Which would allow for the ingestion of microbes or bacteria. Lack of free access to abundant water supply may also slow productivity down. Denial of water can lead to dehydration, molt, dry feathers without sheen, undue stress and the inability to properly digest food. Fowl consume their greatest amount of water following eating or right before roosting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wayne Pacelle of HSUS cuaght cockfighting? WOW

Posted by admin on January 22, 2008

Pacelle and Goodwin.
These two former animal rights activists shocked the world when they suddenly appeared in Manila and took home the coveted World Slasher Cup, and have not lost an ounce of momentum since. They vow to win Cocker of the Year honors at every major pit in the world this year, and many think they may accomplish just that. Finally, in this exclusive story, their silence has been broken, and their story told of why they turned their backs on the Humane Society of the United States, and how they catapulted straight to the top of the cock fighting world.

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Cockfighting and molesting children- Have they lost their minds?

Posted by admin on January 19, 2008

Just looking at 3 states (the first 3) Alaska, Arizona and Colorado, participating in a cockfight is punishable to the same degree as molesting a child and many other hard core crimes. Our judicially system has gone to far and is out of control.

Take a look at this article on “is this what you stand for” and after reading it you decide.

If your OK with these crimes being treated as equal then your out of your minds also!

Its disgusting that lawmakers are considering a chicken’s life to be as important as crimes like human trafficking, sexually abusing children, manslaughter, human slavery or arson.

I will be eagerly awaiting the Animal Rights advocates to explain how they justify this BS as equal. If your with me I would love to hear from you also.

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That Real Old Game Fowl Story

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

By Will D. Jenkins, “The Chicken Fighters,” Last Frontier in the North Cascades. Mount Vernon: Skagit County Historical Society

One of my good friends at Darrington was Fred Griffith, whom I had known when my folks lived at Lake Whatcom. His father and brothers had built our original log house in Geneva, near Bellingham, in 1905. That’s where I got to know Fred. He played the fiddle and raised game chickens.

In 1917 when I was stationed at the Blue Bird with Ranger Eilert Skaar, Fred was running a little six-stool lunch counter in Dar- rington, called the White Horse Cafe, for the mountain of the same name. The patronage was mainly loggers from Sauk Valley and camps along the Stillaguamish.

Fred had an active sideline, however a surreptitious one, of fighting gamecocks. He owned some mighty fine birds, including Cu- ban Reds, Hatch Clarets, Blues, Grays, and English Games. He swore by his Cubans, especially, and claimed there was never a dunghill among them. Fred had collected quite a few good bets as evidence of his judgment of fighting quality. Read the rest of this entry »

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Game Fowl Cyber Show To Award Cash and Prizes!

Posted by admin on January 6, 2008

The all new game fowl cyber show has hit the scene and is drawing a lot of interest from breeders throughout the USA. The show will be judged by Anthony Saville of American Game Fowl Society. They could not have picked a better person to judge these monthly contest. Anthony has written the book called the “American Game Fowl Standard” that is extremely detailed on what a perfect gamefowl specimen should be.

The Gamefowl Cyber show can be seen in action at

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Gamefowl Communty On Fire

Posted by admin on November 13, 2007

I keep my eyes opene for gamefowl and cockfighting sites that seem to be drawing the most attention. I see sabong is still doing great and so is gamerooster and However there is one site that stands out above the rest. They have only been around for a few months and they just keep adding more and more gamefowl related news and site features.

This gamefowl site in particular has a no nonsense approach regarding its gamefowl content.  They just lauched a totally free gamefowl auction and poultry auction.

If you breed chickens of any kind the people over at gamefowlfacts are a friendly and knowledgeable group. I recommend you visit them and check out the entire site. Well maybe not the entire site because there is just to much to see. They also just launched a new section called “The Cockers Virtual Community“. Its brand new but looks to have everything a person would like.

Anyway, until next time, keep em crowing!

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